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What is app selector in android

What is app selector in android

An app selector in Android ​is a feature that allows users​ to choose which​ app they‍ want⁣ to use to⁢ perform a certain action. This⁤ can be especially useful when a user has​ multiple ⁢apps installed on their device that can handle the same type of ⁣task, such as opening a link or playing a ⁣video. App selectors can also be used to set default⁢ apps for specific actions, so that the‌ same ⁢app is ⁤always used for a particular task.

App selectors are⁢ commonly‌ used in Android devices when a user taps on a link or file that ⁢can be⁢ opened by multiple apps. Instead of automatically opening the file in the⁢ default app, the app selector will pop up and ⁢display a list of all the apps that⁤ are capable‌ of handling ⁤the file type.​ The‍ user can then choose which app ‌they want to use to open the ⁤file, or set a default app for​ that type of file so that it⁤ always opens in the same app.

For example,⁢ if a user taps on a link to ‍a YouTube video, the app selector may appear and show a list ⁢of apps that can play videos, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or a⁢ web browser. The user can then select which app they want to use to watch the video,⁢ or set a default​ app​ so ⁤that all YouTube links automatically open⁣ in​ the YouTube app.

App selectors can also be used for other types ⁢of actions, such as ‍sharing a⁤ photo ⁣or‍ sending a message. When a user selects the share option in an app, the ‌app selector will display a list of apps⁣ that can be used to share the⁤ photo, such⁣ as email, messaging, or social media apps. The user can then choose‌ which ⁢app they want to use ‌to share the photo, or set a default app for‍ sharing photos.

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