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How to Search and Configure New Nearby Devices on Your Mobile Phone

We are going to guide you how to find and set up a new device, newly purchased, brand new, a gift or a donation of any device you have nearby for your mobile to find and then set it up.

Your Android phone has many useful features and tricks that you probably haven’t discovered yet or aren’t quite clear what they are.

The Configure Nearby Device or Configure My Device feature is one of these hidden tricks.

The feature allows you to set up a new device from your current Android phone using the same Wi-Fi network as it can be:

  • An Android phone,
  • Wireless headset,
  • Wear OS watch,
  • Tablet,
  • Other compatible accessories with the legend “Made for Google” or “Made by Google” or “Quick Link”.
  • Smart home devices, smart home devices.

It is especially useful when you need to set up a new phone from the old one, as it can copy your settings, apps, data from the old device to the new one.

Everything you need to know about it can be found in this article, Ok Google, Set Up My Nearby Device. and if you don’t already have Ok Google set up on your device you’re sure to be interested in, How to Set Up ‘Ok Google’ on Any Device.

This article is going to show you how to use Ok Google, Configure Nearby Device to configure a new device other than a mobile.

We will also see what to do if the Configure or Configure Nearby Device command does not work correctly on your devices.

Searching and Configuring a new Nearby Device with your Phone

And we can do this also with the Ok Google command, Set up my device (with the infinitive verb) as follows.

Step 1 Configure the Phone. 1.1 The first thing we do is to enable Bluetooth and Location.

1.2 If you have notifications disabled, you will need to enable them as follows.

The first thing we do is go to Phone Settings, scroll down and click on Google.

Next we click on “Devices and Sharing” and then “Devices”.

Finally to activate the notifications we leave “Show notifications” activated.

Step 2 Configure the new device.

The new device has to be compatible with the Google Assistant and we will know that in the features or in the box we see written “Made for Google” or “Made by Google” or “Quick Link”.

In this way in the device that we want to configure we will have to activate the configuration mode (some is by holding down a button for 10 seconds or we will have to read the instructions to know how to do it).

Then, we go to the mobile and we will see a notification to configure our new device.

We only have to follow the steps that our mobile will guide us.

Search and Configure a new Nearby Device on the Phone, with Ok Google.

In this case the command to search and configure a new nearby device is, Ok Google, Configure my Device (notice that the verb configure is not in infinitive, i.e. it lacks the “r”).

We say that it is not in infinitive because if you say, Ok Google, Configure my device, it will start the process to copy an old mobile in a new one (it will copy the data, phones, passwords, settings, whatever we indicate).

In the following article you have everything you need to know for this: Configure my Nearby Device.

Now we will be able to configure a device as it can be:

Any compatible device, they usually carry the legend of Made For Google as: clocks, smart bulbs, Camera, Display, Display, Doorbell, Lock, Plug, Sensor, Smoke Detector, Speaker, Thermostat.
Chromecast or Google Tv.
Google Home devices.

In the following manual we are going to see how to find and configure a Chromecast, but it can be any of the above devices.

Step 1 The first thing is to tell the voice assistant (directly or first tapping continuously the home key) “Ok Google, Set up my device”.

As you can see in the image the next thing to do is to hit “Add a device with built-in Assistant” and then “Set up a device”.

Step 2 In the next screen we will create a house or choose one if we already had it done. Here you have everything you need to create a house with Google Home.

After clicking “Next” it will start searching for devices, remember to have active or plugged in the device we want to configure (in our example chromecast).

Step 3 After a few seconds it will find the device, it will show you on the screen the device it is, A Chromecast has been detected and we will click “Yes”, then we will start configuring it. Step 4 In this way we have already searched and started to configure our device, a Chromecast, then you can see this article to see how to finish the procedure with this device, as for another device will be similar and more or less intuitive.

How to troubleshoot if searching and setting up a nearby device does not work?

Set nearby device feature is a very handy and accessible feature to transfer all your data from your old android device to a new one and to set up your new devices.

But sometimes, it happens that this feature doesn’t work on many other Android devices like Pixel, Nexus and Samsung Galaxy phones.

The error varies from device to device, like, some get the error “can’t find any nearby device” or “sorry, something went wrong”.

If you are facing the same problem, don’t worry; we will solve it. Just follow the troubleshooting techniques below. Your problem is sure to be solved.

  1. Confirm that your phone has Bluetooth and Location enabled, they should be working properly.
  2. Make sure you have confirmed notifications.
  3. Both devices should be properly close to each other, within half a meter of each other.
  4. On the mobile, disconnect all connected Bluetooth devices, if any.
  5. Try connecting to it in another way, such as via NFC.

The above are some of the basic solutions to address the problem, and in most cases, this solves the purpose.

If this does not solve the problem, then try configuring your nearby device manually. Once the device boots, factory reset and give it another try.

If available, get an Android update or any software update while booting your new device.

Moreover, if you face this problem again, try to contact your device’s service center and get your phone updated there.

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