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Samsung s20 fe frp bypass without pc 2022

Samsung s20 fe frp bypass without pc 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a popular ‌smartphone that comes with⁢ various security features to protect the user’s personal information. One of these features is ‍the FRP (Factory⁢ Reset Protection) that prevents others from accessing the device after⁣ a factory reset. However, there are times when users may need to bypass this FRP lock without using a PC. In this article, we‌ will discuss⁤ how to bypass ​FRP on Samsung S20 FE ⁢without a PC in 2022.

One method to‍ bypass FRP on Samsung S20 FE without a⁤ PC ‌is by using the ‌Find ‍My Mobile⁤ feature.‍ This feature is a remote control service provided by Samsung that allows users to locate, ​lock, and wipe⁢ their device in case it is lost or stolen. To bypass FRP using Find My Mobile, ⁣you ‌will need to have previously set up a Samsung account on your device. Once you have done that, follow these steps:

1. ‍Go to​ the Find⁣ My Mobile website on ‌another ‍device and log in with your Samsung account credentials.

2. Select your Samsung S20 FE from the list of devices associated with your⁢ account.

3. Click ⁣on the “Unlock” option to bypass‍ the FRP lock on your device.

Another method to bypass FRP on Samsung​ S20⁢ FE without ⁢a PC is by using ⁢the Google Account Manager app. This ​app is ‌designed ‌to manage Google accounts on Android devices, and ​it can be used to bypass FRP ​locks⁢ as well. To bypass ‍FRP using Google⁢ Account Manager, follow ‍these steps:

1. Download and install‌ the Google ‍Account Manager APK on your ​Samsung S20 FE.

2. Open the app and go to the “Google Account Manager” page.

3. ⁣Select “Set up‍ Phone” and ‌enter a new Google ⁢account and password. This ⁢will bypass the FRP lock on ⁣your device.

One more method to bypass FRP on Samsung S20 FE without a ​PC is by using‌ the ADB (Android Debug ⁢Bridge) tool. This tool allows users to​ communicate with‌ their Android device‌ using a computer. ​To bypass FRP‌ using ADB, follow these⁤ steps:

1. Enable USB debugging on ⁢your ‍Samsung S20 FE by going ‌to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging.

2. Connect your device to a computer using a USB cable.

3. Open a command prompt on your computer and enter the following command: adb shell ⁣am start -n

Finally, you can also try using the ‍SideSync app to bypass FRP on Samsung S20 FE without a PC. SideSync is a screen sharing app that allows users to control⁤ their Android device from a computer.​ To bypass FRP using SideSync, ‍follow these steps:

1. Download and install the SideSync app‌ on both your Samsung ⁣S20 FE and computer.

2. Connect your device ‍to the computer⁤ using ‍a USB⁢ cable.

3. Launch the SideSync ​app​ on both devices ‍and follow the ⁢on-screen instructions to bypass the ​FRP lock.

In conclusion, there‌ are ​several methods available to bypass FRP on Samsung S20 FE ‌without using a​ PC in 2022. Whether you choose to use the Find My Mobile ‌feature, Google Account‍ Manager‍ app, ADB tool,‍ or ⁢SideSync app, it’s important to follow the steps carefully to successfully unlock⁢ your device.‍ By ​following these‌ methods, you can regain ‍access to your Samsung S20 FE​ without the need for a PC.

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