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Know If I Have Been Blocked on Facebook

You may wonder how you can find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook. To protect users’ privacy or the feelings of others, Facebook does not show you who has blocked you.

There is no notification that you have been blocked, nor is there a list of users who have blocked your account.

Many people begin to suspect that a friend has blocked them on Facebook when they notice that they haven’t seen their posts in their feed for a while.

It’s important not to jump to conclusions when this happens, as posts may be hidden by Facebook’s algorithm, which is notorious for showing content from some accounts over others. It’s also possible that you’ve been placed on Facebook’s restricted accounts list.

Here’s how to make sure if the algorithm or a block is responsible for the missing posts.

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How do I know if I have been blocked on Facebook?

Social networks are a great tool for interacting and getting to know other people. There are times when you or someone else may be “blocked” by another user.

This feature is open for anyone to use for any reason. The quickest and easiest ways to find out if you have been blocked on Facebook are:

Check your friends list.

A quick way to see who has blocked you on Facebook is to check your friends list.

Simply put, if the person you suspect has blocked you is not on your Facebook friends list, then they have unfriended or blocked you.

If they do appear on your list, then you are still friends.

  1. Go to the Facebook application or website and select your profile picture.
  2. You will now be taken to your Facebook profile. In your profile there should be a horizontal menu with About, Photos and Friends options. Select Friends.
  3. Once your friends list loads, you can scroll through it manually to locate your friend, or search for them by entering their name in the search field. If this person has not blocked or removed you from your friends list, they will appear in your friends list.

Remember to search for the name they use on their Facebook account. If they use a nickname, enter it in the search box instead of their real name.

Tips for searching for a friend

When searching for a friend with the search bar, make sure you not only type their name correctly, but also use the name they use for their Facebook account.

Some Facebook users use their initials or even a nickname on their profiles. This means that their accounts will not show up when you search for their real name.

To avoid this, ask a mutual friend if they know what username the friend uses. You can also search for someone by entering their email address; however, you will need to know the specific email address they used to create their Facebook account.

Search for their profile

If a friend no longer appears in your timeline or friends list, you should first search for their profile using Facebook’s user search function.

This is far from foolproof, but if you think they’ve blocked you because of a recent conversation or disagreement, you can make sure they haven’t unfriended you.

To do this, follow these steps:

Head to the search bar at the top of the page.

Type in the name of the profile you are looking for.

If the profile does not appear (and you have made sure you are searching for the correct name), then they have blocked you or deactivated their account.

Use Facebook Messenger to check if you are blocked.

How to find out if I’ve been blocked on facebook messenger, is one way for this.

If you use the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, try sending them a direct message.

Open the Facebook Messenger app.

Tap the compose icon in the upper right corner that looks like a pen and notepad.

This icon may look like a plus symbol in some versions of the app.

The app will prompt you to enter the name of the person you want to send a message to. Start typing your friend’s name in the field.

If their name and photo appear on the screen, you will be able to send them a message and this also means that you have not been blocked.

If they do not appear, it means that you have been blocked or you misspelled their name.

What is the difference between “blocked”, “unfriended”, “blocked or deactivated account”?

First of all, we must understand that there is a big difference between being blocked and unfriended.

When another user unfriends you, you can still view their profile, comments on common pages and any public content they share. You can even send them another friend request.

However, if someone has blocked your account, you will not see their profile at all. You will also not see any comments, interactions or updates. Nor will you be able to try to contact them.

In short, if someone blocks you, they disappear on Facebook (at least for you). So, if you don’t see them in your friends list but you can still see them on the site, they haven’t blocked you; they’ve unfriended you.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to differentiate between an account that has blocked you and an account that has been deactivated.

Both have similarities in that they no longer appear on Facebook, you can’t message them, and you can’t see previous comments or “likes.”

While Facebook doesn’t let you know if you’ve been blocked or if the other person has deleted their account, there are a few things that will let you know that you’ve undoubtedly been blocked. As we have seen above.

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