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S23 setup wizard keeps stopping new phone

S23 setup wizard keeps stopping new phone

The ‌S23 setup ​wizard keeps stopping on new phones has been a common issue faced by⁤ many​ users. This ‍problem arises when users try to set up their new phone and​ encounter constant interruptions from the ‍setup wizard. It can be frustrating and time-consuming, causing‌ inconvenience to the⁣ users. In this article,⁣ we will‌ discuss some possible ‍reasons for⁤ this problem and provide solutions to resolve⁤ it.

One possible reason for the S23 setup wizard keeps​ stopping issue is a software glitch or bug ‍in the operating‌ system. This can happen⁤ due to various reasons, such as incomplete installation of⁣ the OS or conflicts with other apps. To fix this problem, users can try restarting ⁢the ⁣phone ⁤in Safe Mode. This mode ⁣disables all third-party ⁢apps ⁣and allows users to troubleshoot the issue without⁣ any interference. Once in Safe Mode, users can ‌navigate to the Settings menu and check for any pending software updates. It is important to keep‌ the⁤ device’s software up ⁢to date as updates often include bug fixes and improvements.

Another potential reason for ​the​ setup wizard problem could be insufficient storage space on the device. When the phone’s internal storage is running ⁢low, it​ can lead‍ to various ⁢issues, including the setup wizard constantly stopping. To check the device’s storage, users can go to ‌the‌ Settings menu and navigate to the Storage section. Here, they can view the ‌available space on⁤ the internal storage and identify if it’s running low.⁣ If the storage is low, users⁢ can try deleting⁤ unnecessary⁤ files, such as old photos, videos, or apps, to free up space. Additionally, users can consider ​transferring some⁣ data ⁣to an ⁤external storage‍ device or cloud storage to create more space‌ on​ the⁣ phone.

S23⁢ Setup Wizard Keeps Stopping – Possible Solutions

Clearing the cache of the setup⁣ wizard app can also help in ​resolving the issue. Cached data ‌can sometimes⁣ become corrupted,‍ causing the app to malfunction. To ⁢clear the cache, users can go to the Settings menu and navigate ⁢to the ‌Apps or Application Manager‌ section. Here, they can find⁣ the setup wizard⁤ app ⁣and select it. Within the app‍ settings, there should be an ⁢option to clear the ‌cache. By doing this, users can remove any corrupted data and potentially fix the setup wizard problem. ⁢After clearing⁣ the⁤ cache, it is recommended to restart the phone and check if the issue​ persists.

If none of the above⁤ solutions work, users can try performing a factory reset on their⁤ device. This should be considered as a last resort,⁢ as a factory⁣ reset will‍ erase all data ⁣and settings‍ on the phone. Before ⁤proceeding with⁤ a factory reset, users should ensure that they have backed up all important files and data.‌ To perform a factory reset, users can ‌go ⁢to the Settings menu, ⁢navigate​ to ​the System section, and select the Reset or Backup and Reset option. Here, they can choose ​the Factory Data Reset option and confirm ⁣the action.⁢ The​ phone ⁤will then reset to its ⁣original factory‍ settings, and ‍users can set⁣ it up from‍ scratch. ⁣This should fix any​ software-related⁣ issues⁢ causing the setup wizard to constantly stop.


In conclusion, the S23 ​setup wizard ‌keeps stopping ⁤on new phones can​ be a frustrating problem for users. However, there are several possible ⁢solutions to resolve this issue. Restarting the phone‌ in Safe Mode, ‌checking ⁤for ‌software‍ updates, and⁢ clearing⁤ the cache of the ‌setup ⁤wizard app can help in fixing⁤ the problem. In cases where these solutions do not ‍work, performing ‍a factory reset should⁢ be considered as a ‍last resort. It is important to always‌ ensure that ‍data is backed up before proceeding with a ⁣factory reset. By following⁢ these steps, users ​can overcome the setup wizard issue ⁢and enjoy a ‍smooth setup experience​ on ⁤their ⁣new S23 phones.