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Ok Google, Tell me a Joke

Have you ever tried to ask the Google assistant, on any device: “Ok Google, tell me a joke!”, well if it is no, you should.

It is one more function of Google and its assistant that offers us for free and that we can invoke it at any time with our Android mobile or Google devices for that purpose.

If we are a little sad, bored, in the mood for a laugh, in an endlessly serious day or any other situation where we feel like laughing, we just have to say, Ok Google, Tell a Joke.

Without a doubt, tell me a joke Google, will make you have a good time, it will take you away from boredom for a few moments and why not, it will change your day for the better.

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What is Google Tell me a joke?

Google, Tell me a joke is a Google Assistant command, that to activate it you will have to ask for it with Ok Google Tell me a joke and that will make you laugh or have a good time without a doubt.

It will tell you a joke and will not leave you indifferent, just try it and decide for yourself.

How to ask for a Joke with Ok Google, Tell me a Joke.

The command to ask Google Assistant to tell you a joke is widely used.

Especially when you start using this very useful Google Assistant and one of the most appreciated of all those that exist today in the technology market.

To hear a joke on an Android smartphone using Google Assistant, with Ok Google, Sing a Joke, we do it like this:

1. Press and hold the Home button at the bottom center of the phone until Google Assistant appears and the Google Assistant pop-up appears.

If your phone is set to hear “OK Google”, you may not even have to do that, just say “OK Google”.

2. Google Assistant will then ask how it can help you, respond with “Tell me a Joke” or say “OK Google, Tell me a Joke”. The joke should start playing instantly.

Make sure the Google Assistant is listening to you.

Watch the animation at the bottom center of your device’s screen.

If there is an animation running, it means Google Assistant is listening and waiting for your command.


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I know we keep harping on the same command, the Ok Google, Tell me a Joke command, but I truly believe we need a chuckle or two to cope with the day to day.

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If you are thinking of asking Ok Google, tell me jokes for 15 minutes in a row (for example), we will be a little disappointed, since we could expect the assistant to be telling us jokes for that long.

Instead it will show you a selection of Youtube videos in which you will be told a variety of jokes, that if you do not have any internet connection or you have little data left you will hear.

Although it is a good option, I wanted the assistant to tell them to me, but we are not going to cry, what it is about is to laugh and if the jokes are good, so much the better.

How to ask Google for a joke?


As we have already seen to ask Google for a joke, we just have to say the command Ok Google, Tell me a joke and the Google assistant will recite it quickly, reliably and supposedly with grace.

We already know that colors suit all tastes, and in this humor, it comes to hair. Here are some examples of the jokes that you can find when you send or ask Google to tell you a joke:

  • Do you know why fish have thorns? Because there is a current under the water.
  • How come two mountaineers meeting for the first time remain silent? Because breaking the ice would be risky.
  • If two cats fight and then make up, what do they say? Like before.
  • Where do acids and bases play soccer? On a neutral field!
  • What makes the best tennis doubles team? A lawyer and a meteorologist. The former knows forehand and the latter backhand.
  • Doctor, I think I’m a dog! Lie down on the couch. Oh, thank you. They never leave me on the couch at home.
  • Mama snail gets her daughter ready for school and says, “Make sure you drool!”.
  • What does a happy balloon do? It laughs out loud.

You can now decide whether to listen to some of the amazing and hilarious (to say the least) jokes your Google Assistant might tell you in case, in a moment of absurd boredom, you decide to ask it, “Ok Google, tell me a joke!”

If you still haven’t made up your mind to say Ok Google, Tell me a Joke, here are some more gems:

  • What does the rabbit give the bunny? A ring of 24 carrots.
  • What’s the ultimate for a tailor? Losing his train of thought.
  • What does a dirty volcano do? It washes itself.
  • What’s a bird doing inside a computer? Chip!
  • What’s the ultimate vocabulary? Not being able to speak.
  • What sound do porcupines make when they kiss? Ouch!
  • What is a painter doing at the North Pole? A fresco.
  • What’s the best thing for a biologist to do? To be a hard worker.
  • What does a convict do in a discotheque? He goes wild.
  • What does a donkey do on the tracks? Derailment!
  • Where did the ancient roosters live? In the ancient chickens!
  • Why do fish live in salt water? Because salt water makes them sneeze.
  • What’s the last straw for a criminal’s watch? Don’t change daylight saving time.
  • What is the first word for a volcano? Magma.
  • What does a badger say to his brother? Badger’s mile.

If you ask an assistant to tell you a joke, which one is better?

As we already know we have different types of assistants that after asking them, “Tell me a joke” will tell us a joke, yes, they will only tell you one.

We refer to the best known as Ok Google, Alexa or Siri, each one you will have to ask or invoke as follows.

  1. Google tell me a joke or Hey, OK, Hey Google Tell me a joke.
  2. Alexa, tell me a joke.
  3. Siri, tell me a joke.

Many people ask us which one is the best, but honestly we can’t tell you which one is the best since it depends on many factors.

Especially the joke that comes out of the device you ask Tell me a joke, the algorithm of this, and most importantly your sense of humor.

What we can tell you is that if you have an Android device, the easiest one to configure and the one you will always have at hand is the Google Assistant.

And if you are an iOS user, there is nothing to say that you don’t already know, but we will definitely stay with, tell me a joke Google.

What is clear is that any command in this article can be useful for the assistant that you have or that you like the most.