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Ok Google, It’s Gonna Rain Today

If you have asked the Google assistant: “Ok Google, it’s going to rain today”, you have behind your ear that the world is going to fall.

But with this command we can ask for something else that you will see below.

It is another functionality of Google and its assistant that offers us for free and that we can ask our Android device at any time.

If you are going on a trip, going to a concert, to a dinner, to the park, to run, to play tennis, basketball, any outdoor activity in short, say Ok Google, it’s going to rain in + place where you want to go, it’s a good idea.

No doubt it will rain today, Ok Google, will make you go with what you need or know what you will find, and already decide with all the necessary information.

In the following articles we leave you a guide to get up to date easily and quickly on the Google Assistant if you are just starting in this world.

1. What is Google Assistant and Ok Google Configure my Device?

2. How to set up ‘Ok Google’ on your Android device?

What is Ok Google, It’s Going to Rain Today?

Google, it’s going to rain today is a Google Assistant command, which to activate you will have to ask for it with Ok Google it’s going to rain today and it will let you know what weather you are going to encounter.

It will tell you the weather forecast and won’t leave you in the dark, just try it and decide for yourself.

How to ask for today’s Weather at my location with Ok Google, it’s going to rain today.

The command to ask Google Assistant to ask for the weather that is going to do is widely used and demanded by the assistant users.

Especially when you start using this very useful Google assistant and one of the most appreciated of all those that exist today in the technology market.

The procedure to follow on an Android smartphone using Google Assistant, with Ok Google, it’s going to rain today, is as follows:

1. Press and hold the Home button at the bottom center of the phone until Google Assistant appears and the Google Assistant pop-up window appears.

If your phone is set to hear “OK Google”, you may not even have to press the home or menu button, just say “OK Google”.

2. Google Assistant will then ask how it can help you, respond with “it’s going to rain today” or say “OK Google, it’s going to rain today”.

What the weather is going to do today should start playing instantly.

Make sure the Google Assistant is listening to you.

Watch the animation at the bottom center of your device’s screen.

If there is an animation playing, it means Google Assistant is listening and waiting for your command.

More commands related or analogous to “Ok Google, it’s going to rain today”.

Here are some other commands that you can use to find out what the weather is going to be like in your location or any other location and that you will know instantly, without having to search for anything on Google.

  • Ok Google, today’s weather in my location.
  • Ok Google, it’s going to rain tomorrow.
  • Ok Google, it’s going to rain tomorrow.
  • Ok Google, weather at my location.
  • Hey Google, it’s going to rain today.
  • Ok Google, it’s going to rain today.
  • Ok Google, tell me the weather today.
  • Ok Google, how is the weather today, and so on and so forth.

The truth is a very useful, easy and fast command in which the wizard will tell you the weather and you will not have to waste time typing and entering in different websites to know the weather.

Asking “It is going to rain today” to an assistant, which one is better?

As we already know we have different types of assistants that after asking them, “is it going to rain today” will tell us today’s weather and you will also be able to see it in image on the screen of your device.

We are referring to the best known assistants such as Ok Google, Alexa or Siri, each one you will have to ask in the following way.

  1. Google is going to rain today, although you can also request it by saying, Hey Google, it’s going to rain today.
  2. Alexa, it’s going to rain today.
  3. Siri, it’s going to rain today.

Many people ask us which one is the best, but honestly we can’t tell you which one is the best because it depends on many factors.

One of them is the weather page from where you get the data and how good the data is.

If we bet that an Android device the easiest to set up and always carry on hand is the Google Assistant.

If you have Amazon devices with Alexa, or you have installed and configured the Alexa application on your device, it is sure to get you out of doubt instantly like the other assistants.

And if you are iOS nothing to say that you do not already know, it is also a quick, easy and very useful utility.

In short, in this case it would be almost the same as the one you use, you just have to check if it hits more times than misses, otherwise you will have to change the source from which you get the information or the assistant.