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Messenger incoming call not showing samsung

Messenger incoming call not showing samsung

Messenger is a popular ⁤messaging app that allows users to communicate with each ⁣other ⁣through text messages, voice calls, and​ video calls. One common issue ⁤that users of⁤ Samsung devices may encounter is that ‍incoming ​calls⁤ on ⁢Messenger are ‌not ‍showing up on their device. This‍ can be frustrating for users who rely on ⁢Messenger for their communication⁣ needs.​ In this article, we will discuss some possible ⁢reasons why this⁢ issue⁣ may be occurring and provide some solutions to ‍help users fix this problem.

One possible reason⁢ why incoming calls on Messenger⁤ may not be ⁤showing ​up on a Samsung device is due to a software glitch. Sometimes, updates to the Messenger app or the operating system on the‍ device can cause conflicts that prevent incoming calls from‌ being displayed properly. In these cases, it may⁤ be necessary to ‍troubleshoot the issue by checking for updates to the app and the device’s operating system and installing any ​available updates.

Another potential reason for‌ incoming calls not showing up on ‌a Samsung device ​could be due⁢ to notification settings that are incorrectly configured.⁣ Users should check the notification settings for the Messenger app on their device ⁣to ensure⁤ that incoming call ⁣notifications are enabled. If​ notifications are disabled, incoming‌ calls may not show up on the device’s screen even though they are received.

It is also possible‍ that incoming calls ⁤on Messenger‌ are⁣ not showing up on a Samsung device due to network connectivity issues. If the device does not have a stable internet connection, incoming calls may not be able to come through properly. ‌Users should check‌ their⁤ network connection ⁤and ensure that they have⁤ a strong signal‌ to receive incoming calls on Messenger ⁣without any issues.

Troubleshooting Steps:

If ‌you are‍ experiencing issues ⁤with incoming calls not showing ​up on Messenger on ⁣your Samsung device,​ there are⁢ several troubleshooting‍ steps that​ you can take to try⁢ and resolve the issue. One potential solution is to restart the Messenger app on your device. Sometimes, simply closing the app ⁢and reopening it can help to refresh the app and ‍resolve any glitches that may ⁤be causing the issue.

Another troubleshooting ⁤step that you can try is to clear the cache and ​data​ for‍ the Messenger app on your device. This can help to remove any ⁤temporary files or corrupted ⁢data that ⁣may be causing the ⁤app to ⁣malfunction.‍ To clear the cache and‍ data for the Messenger app, go to‍ the app settings on‌ your device,​ select Messenger, and then tap on ​the option to clear cache and data.

If clearing the cache and ​data⁢ does not‌ resolve the issue,⁣ you may want to try uninstalling⁣ and reinstalling the Messenger app on your Samsung device. This can help to ensure that you have the latest version of the app installed ⁣and that‍ any corrupted ⁣files or data are removed. To ‍uninstall ​the Messenger app, ⁣go to the app settings ⁤on your device, select Messenger, and then tap on the ⁢option to ⁣uninstall the‍ app. Once the app has ⁢been uninstalled, go to the​ Google Play Store and reinstall ‍the app.


In‍ conclusion, if you are experiencing issues with incoming calls‌ not showing up on Messenger ⁣on⁢ your Samsung⁢ device, there are several possible reasons why ⁣this issue may ⁢be occurring. It is important to⁤ troubleshoot the​ issue by checking for software updates, ⁢reviewing‌ notification settings, and ensuring that your network connection is stable. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined⁢ in this article, you should be able ⁤to resolve the ⁤issue and receive incoming calls on Messenger​ without any further problems.

Remember‌ that if you continue to experience issues ​with incoming calls not showing up on​ Messenger, you may want​ to reach out ‌to the Messenger⁢ support team‌ for further assistance. They⁤ may be able to provide⁣ additional troubleshooting⁤ steps or escalate the issue to their technical team for​ further investigation. With the right‍ steps‍ and support, you should be able to resolve this issue and ⁤continue using Messenger for all your communication ⁤needs.

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