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How to make alarm go off during phone call

How to make alarm go off during phone call

Have‌ you ever found yourself in ‍a ⁢situation where you needed to receive an important phone call, but you were afraid you might‍ miss it because you were engrossed in some⁤ other ‍activity?⁤ Well, fear not! In this article, we ⁣will guide⁤ you through​ the process of creating an⁤ alarm that will go off during a phone call, ensuring that you never miss an important call again. And the best ‌part? ‌You can ⁢easily implement this using simple HTML code!

Step 1: Setting up⁤ the ‌HTML structure

To begin, open ‍a new ‍HTML document in your preferred text editor. Start ⁢by creating the ‍basic structure of​ the HTML page, including the , , and tags. Inside the tag, create a

heading with ​the text “How to Make Alarm Go⁣ Off During Phone Call”.

Step 2: Styling the headings

Now, it’s ⁣time to add some style to our heading. To give it a distinctive look, we ⁢will add a CSS rule to change the color. In the