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How to check my phone number mtn

How to check my phone number mtn


Checking your phone number​ on the MTN network ⁤is a simple task that ⁤can be done in a few easy steps. In this article, ‌we will guide you through the process of ⁣finding your MTN phone number using English and HTML. By⁣ following these instructions, you can quickly and effortlessly retrieve⁣ your phone ⁣number.

Step 1: Open the ⁤Dialer

To begin, open the dialer ‌on ⁣your MTN mobile phone. This is usually an application with a phone ‍icon on your home‍ screen. Once opened, you​ will see a keypad with numbers⁤ from zero to nine.

Step​ 2: ‍Dial a ‍Code

In the‌ dialer, enter the code *123# and ⁢press the call button. This code is known as a USSD code and is used by MTN ⁣to provide various services, including finding your ⁢phone number. After dialing the ‌code, you will see a‌ menu ⁣with different⁣ options.

Step ‌3: ‌Select Option

From‌ the menu, select the option that allows you to check your phone number. It ‍is usually labeled as “My Number” or “Phone Number”.‍ To select ‍an option, type the corresponding​ number and press the call button.

Step 4: Retrieve Your Phone ​Number

After selecting the‍ option, you will receive a‌ message on ‌your screen ‍containing your MTN phone number. Take note ⁤of your phone number⁤ or⁤ save it in your contacts for⁣ future reference. ‍Congratulations! You have successfully checked your phone number on the MTN network.


Checking​ your MTN phone number using English and ⁣HTML can be achieved in ‌just‍ a few simple steps. By following the provided instructions, you can ⁤effortlessly find your ⁤phone number and keep ‍it handy for various purposes.‌ Remember, if you ever forget ⁣your phone number or need to‍ check it again ⁢in the future, ⁢these steps⁤ will always come in handy. ‌Enjoy using your MTN ⁢network and‍ stay connected!

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