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How to block tiktok on samsung phone

How to block tiktok on samsung phone

TikTok is a popular social ‍media app that allows users to create and share short videos. While many people enjoy using TikTok, there are some who might want to ‍block it on their Samsung phones. In‍ this article, we will discuss‌ how to block⁤ TikTok on a Samsung ​phone⁣ using HTML settings. By​ following these steps, you can easily restrict access⁢ to the⁢ app and ensure a healthy digital environment for yourself or your family.

To begin with, open the settings of your Samsung phone. Look for the “Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls” option and tap on it. This feature ⁣allows you to ‍set restrictions and block certain apps on your phone, including TikTok. Once you have entered the parental​ controls section, you will see a​ list ‍of options to customize your restrictions.

Next, locate the “App Limits” or “Screen Time” ⁢option within the ‍parental controls menu. Tap on it⁣ to set restrictions for TikTok. You can choose to set a daily time limit for the ⁣app or completely block it. To block TikTok, tap⁤ on the app and select “Block” ​from the options that appear. This will prevent the app from being used‍ on your ‌Samsung phone.

In addition to blocking TikTok through your Samsung phone settings, you can also download third-party apps or use⁣ website filters to block it. Apps like “AppBlock” or “BlockSite” allow you to create custom filters and block‍ specific apps or websites.⁢ Simply ⁢install the app, add TikTok to the blocklist, and activate the filter. This will ensure that TikTok is inaccessible on your‌ Samsung phone.


Blocking TikTok on a ⁣Samsung phone can help you manage screen time and create a healthier digital environment. By utilizing the built-in parental control settings or downloading third-party apps, you can easily restrict access to TikTok. Remember to regularly review your‍ restrictions and adjust them as needed. With these steps, you can ensure a balanced use of technology and maintain productivity on your⁤ Samsung phone.