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Gmail Email Sign In on Android

Iniciar sesion Gmail Correo

Logging in to your Gmail Mail on Android is quite easy, although like everything in life, if you have never done it or very few times, it may seem like a world.

Below we will see with screenshots and with hidden explanation how we start the Gmail Mail on an Android device, assuming that you have or you have created your Gmail Mail, and we have the address and password at hand, either written down on paper or in the notes of your mobile, or any other system you use, namely

If you are the only person using your Android smartphone or tablet, you can simply leave your Gmail account connected on the device.

Table of Contents

Setting up your Android device Signing in to Gmail Mail.

Most have automated this setup by logging into their Gmail mail account, which if anyone didn’t already know (weird, weird) is from Google.

First it must be said that this can be done from a computer, laptop or with the Gmail app on your mobile or tablet, but in our case we are going to look at it from an android device, either mobile or tablet.

The first thing would be to find and open the Gmail Mail application, which is installed by default on all Android phones, except in some exceptions such as Huawei phones currently, although this may change at any time.

We enter our Gmail account.

Now we have to enter our Gmail account if we already have it created.

You can enter more than one account and switch between them, this is the most useful thing about this app.

After entering the Gmail Mail app, we give it to “understood”, then “add an email address” and mark from the options that gives us in this case “Google”.


In the next step, now if we enter our gmail account, we are given the option to create one too.

After this we enter our password and finally we click on “I accept”.


We accept all the Google Terms of Service in Gmail.

And just like that, we just need to accept the Google Terms of Service, clicking first on “More”, then “Accept” and to enter your email we click on “Go to Gmail”.

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