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Edison professional bluetooth speaker how to connect

Edison professional bluetooth speaker how to connect

The Edison Professional Bluetooth Speaker is a ⁢powerful and versatile audio device that allows you to enjoy your favorite​ music wirelessly. With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily‌ connect your smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device and play ⁤your ⁣music with exceptional sound quality. ‌In this article,⁣ we ‍will guide ⁣you on​ how to connect your Edison⁢ Professional ⁢Bluetooth Speaker to your device, ensuring a seamless audio experience.

To ⁣connect your Edison Professional⁢ Bluetooth Speaker, follow these simple‌ steps:

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Step 1: Turn on the Speaker

Make ‍sure your Edison Professional Bluetooth Speaker is turned on by pressing ⁤the‌ power button located⁢ on the side or ‌top ⁣of‍ the speaker. ‍ The power button is usually marked with⁤ a power symbol or the⁢ manufacturer’s⁤ logo. Once the speaker is turned on, you may hear a‍ sound or see ⁤a LED indicator light up, ‍indicating ‌that it ‍is ready‍ to be paired.

Step 2:⁣ Activate Bluetooth on Your Device

On your ​smartphone,‍ tablet, or any other​ Bluetooth-enabled ⁤device, go to the settings menu and​ find the Bluetooth‍ option. Tap on it to activate your device’s Bluetooth. Once activated, your⁤ device will start scanning for ​nearby Bluetooth devices.

Step 3:‌ Pairing⁤ with⁢ the Speaker

Now, find ⁢the name of your Edison Professional Bluetooth Speaker in the list⁢ of‌ available⁣ devices on your device’s Bluetooth​ settings. The speaker’s ‍name is usually listed as “Edison” or a variation of the model⁣ name. ⁢Tap ⁣on it to initiate the ‌pairing process. Once ⁢paired, you ​may⁤ hear a confirmation sound from the speaker.

Step 4: Enjoy ‍Wireless⁤ Music

Your Edison Professional Bluetooth Speaker is now connected to your device! You ‍can ‌start playing your favorite music or audio by selecting ‍the desired media on your device and adjusting ⁢the volume on both your device and the speaker. The Bluetooth connection allows⁤ you to control the playback and volume⁢ wirelessly.

In ‍conclusion, the‍ Edison⁢ Professional ‌Bluetooth‌ Speaker offers a⁤ simple and straightforward connection process. By following these steps, you can⁣ effortlessly connect your device to the‌ speaker and enjoy ⁤your music without the hassle of wires.‌ The Bluetooth technology provides a seamless and reliable connection, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction.

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