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8 of what number is 12

8 of what number is 12

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? This mathematical question ⁣requires us to find a number that, when⁤ multiplied​ by 8, results in 12. Solving ‌this equation ⁤will bring us closer to understanding the number that satisfies this condition. In this article, we ⁢will explore how to find this number using basic algebraic principles ⁢and demonstrate it in ⁢HTML using H2 headings.

Definition of the problem

To ‍find⁢ the number that satisfies the ⁣equation⁢ 8x =​ 12: Let’s assume the unknown number is x. Multiplying x by 8 should give us⁢ 12. In other⁢ words, 8 ⁣times x equals 12.

To solve this equation, we need to isolate the variable ⁤x. To do this, we can⁤ divide both sides of the equation by⁢ 8. By dividing 12 by 8, we find that x equals 1.5.

Solving ⁢the equation

Using algebraic ​operations: Let’s⁣ go through the steps to solve the equation 8x = 12.

1. Begin by dividing ⁣both sides of the equation by 8: 8x / 8 = 12‌ / 8

2. ⁢Simplifying, ‌we get x = 1.5.

HTML⁢ representation

Representing the solution in HTML: ⁣We can demonstrate the solution to the ⁢equation using HTML⁢ and H2 headings with the color #3366ff.

The‌ number that satisfies 8 times x equals 12 is 1.5.

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